Tadasana ~ Mountain Pose

Updated: Jan 2

Tadasana or Mountain Pose is a modern yoga foundation pose. There is little written history of this asana, while many claim it comes from Hatha Yoga as an intention to connect us between the sky and earth, much like mountains appear to. There is no specific mention of tadasana.

As easy as this pose may seem, really it is standing up right, there are many key points you want to remember that engages your body more than just simple standing on the earth.

1. Feet about hip distance apart ~ Find your hip bones and get your heels under them. Toes even across (take your minds eye check in with each toe) and the outside edges of your feet parallel to the lateral edges of the mat. Feel the Earth under your toes. Feel the Earth Under your heels, along the toes and toe pads, along the outer parts of your foot. Imagine your arch, like a suction cup lifting up, As if to draw the Earth up your arch, spiraling medial up your ankles to your legs.

2. Keep that earth energy spiraling up and around your calves. Lift up through the knees. Make sure to leave a slight micro bend in the knees. Engage through the quads and hamstrings, think about lifting the muscles up and in to the bones. Gently lift your glutes up and in. Keeping awareness with your pelvis and Pelvic floor symmetry. Hip bones, (ASIS), should be level and parallel to the ground.

3. Roll your shoulders up back and down. Palms facing forward. Bring Awareness to your bellybutton, hug it up and in to your spine and heart. Notice now your spine. Lengthen from the tail bone down while lifting up through the very tip top of you head, the crown. Noticing for the opposition in your spine. Lift just your heart slightly towards the sky, while sending your rib tips down.

4. Tuck your chin while lifting up through the crown. Allow softness into your face

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